Hello! Thanks for taking the time to help us with some honest and constructive feedback about sfxchurch.sg (:
Do take a look around the website before filling in this form.
With your valuable feedback we set sail on Phase 2 of 'Disciples Making Disciples' online!
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How often are you in SFX? *

Where do you usually look for your SFX-related information? *

For example: Mass timings on days of obligation, faith formation programs in SFX, parish initiatives like Feed the hungry, Christmas Fiesta, rosary walks etc.

How do you access the SFX website? *

Is the website easy-to-use? *

Is the information on the website useful/helpful? *

What page(s) of the website do you like the most? *

Pick your top few choices (maximum of 5)

What new feature(s) would you look forward to (and use) on the SFX website? *

Everything is good to have but we have to pick our battles, more ideas are welcome :P

With the bulletin now updated and information available online, will you still take a physical copy of the bulletin? *

Do you have any other suggestions or feedback for us with regards to the website?

MMM (marketing and media ministry) will collate the feedback and continue to work on creating an environment for disciples to make disciples. Thank you ;)
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